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Jan Brady

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Jan Brady



                 Jan is the typical middle child. She envies her beautiful, cheerleader older sister and tries to be like her, but in the end is just Jan.  She phrased the famous line "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" in a jealous rant about her own need for attention.  The awkward teenage years of braces and glasses make Jan insecure, but with the support of her family, she gains confidence and in turn is voted most popular girl at Fillmore Junior High.  It seems she is most concerned with her outward appearance and makes numerous attempts to "correct her flaws" like scrubbing her face with lemon juice to remove freckles, or changing her hair to look more like Marcia.  Her insecurities play on further when she makes up a boyfriend named George Glass, but in the end gets the non-imagined boy she wants.  It seems her insecurities are then all in her head and are quite unfounded, as most dilemmas are at her age. 

                 She shares a special bond with the housekeeper, Alice, who understands Jan's frustration as she is also a middle child.  Jan enjoys painting, being Peter's lovely assistant in magic, and being in the Glee Club.  Eve Plumb played the character of Jan in the original series.


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